Dr. Paul Collins

Dr. Paul Collins is blessed …

Yes I am! I am blessed! The last Sunday in June of 2023, I was honored to become the pastor for a great fellowship of Christians known as Branson Church of The Harvest. We have our meetings in a beautiful facility, only a small portion of which is shown at the beginning of this website.

Branson Church of The Harvest (hereinafter in this short essay will be referred to as BCOTH for brevity), is located very close to the downtown of the original Branson, MO. Our small town has grown to about 11,000 in population but has about 10 million visitors a year. These visitors are on vacation or come specifically to attend a music show or enjoy many of the amusement park type locations. Also, we have two lakes for people to enjoy for fishing and boating and I have lost count of the golf courses!

So, here we are offering Holy Communion every Sunday morning at 10:30. Here we are offering a simple church experience every Sunday morning at 10:30. So, here we are a church that does not pass the plate for offerings but has one “donation” box at the back of the sanctuary.

I am so very, very blessed to be the man who leads this very special fellowship.

Stop by and be blessed along with me.

Dr. Paul Collins


The Gateway To Change

The Branson Church Of The Harvest is a GATEWAY TO CHANGE because we are consistently open to ways to finding solutions to the problems faced by those who live in this community. Change is often good and sometimes great! We embrace the good AND the great!

Service Center

The Branson Church Of The Harvest is a SERVICE CENTER because we are determined to do our best to meet the needs of our community. The Sunday (and occasional weekday) services are always uniquely designed around the needs discovered by an ongoing research effort. No need is too small! With the input of the community, no need is too large!

Every Sunday



Truth is becoming very elusive in this high tech age of mass communication and rapid transportation. Our world of persons is becoming a world of numbers with an extreme shortage of proper compassion and consideration for mutual welfare.

Truth will enable us to “turn the corner” and begin the preparation for a new and far better world.

Welcome To Branson Church of the Harverst


Branson Church Of The Harvest has a policy that those who genuinely seek fellowship, information, and inspiration will find all three whenever the doors of the church building are open.


If you are among those willing to be of service to others but have been unable to find the right place, Branson Church Of The Harvest is a good place to explore. You may find exactly what you are looking for in this community.

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You are welcome always to bring a friend, or two, or three, or however many you have, to Branson Church Of The Harvest to any of the services or programs or community service opportunities.

Join us Sunday 10:30AM

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