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LEARNING BY LOOKING AND LISTENING THEN LOOKING AGAIN ... is something I am promoting as pastor of Branson Church Of The Harvest. It is very obvious that the laity is very much in favor.

After many years of formal education, followed by many more years of experience, I am convinced that learning is based on research (looking) and asking God to clarify (listening) the information. Having information is one thing. Properly interpreting the information to turn it into positive knowledge is another step in the process of human achievement.

As my readers know, I am committed to education.  I am definitely called to teach and to preach. You might say I am a "Treacher." When I am preaching (delivering a sermon), I try to teach. When I am teaching, I try to include the good news of God's love for us as shown in Jesus Christ.

As a teacher, I want to show my audience that there are ways to enhance their chances to succeed in secular endeavors.   The key is to bring the sacred into the secular and the secular into the sacred. I urge my students to look at the physical world, look into the Bible, and ask God for revelation. Listening carefully will increase your opportunity to hear the voice of God.

As the old railroad crossing signs used to say, "Stop, Look, and Listen." It is a great way to learn!


With a New Look

Branson Church Of The Harvest has an educational program that offers Sunday School classes as "the tip of the iceberg." The approach is both traditional and non-traditional by featuring an adults only class that meets at 9:30 AM every Sunday morning and special seminars that meet on Saturday mornings. The seminars are announced a few weeks in advance of each meeting. The Sunday morning classes and the (by announcement) Saturday morning seminars are complemented by the Sunday sermon ... which is always educational as well as inspirational.

Education is a very definite part of the mission of Church Of The Harvest to "Teach, Inspire, and Comfort."   Educational opportunities are made available to the Branson area community because of the church's intent to "Serve Where Needed" as a "Gateway To Change" where "Experience Counts."

For more information, contact the pastor via email at or by phone by calling 417-830-4343.


Educational Opportunities

We at Church Of The Harvest have heard the clarion call for educational opportunities coming from the adults of the Branson, MO area. Therefore, we have taken the initial action of sponsoring the startup of a Sunday morning class. It meets beginning at 9:30 over coffee and breakfast pastries. The class concludes at 10:15 so the participants can be in worship at 10:30. Dr. Marty Hamilton is the teacher, and the current subject is "In The Footsteps of Jesus" with topics garnered from his Holy Land experiences of just a few years ago.   The adults in the Branson/Hollister region are invited to this free, weekly opportunity to learn in a very friendly environment.

Another Church Of The Harvest educational opportunity is the Saturday morning Free Seminars. These begin in April (on the 13th) and begin at 10:00 and are concluded at noon. For those who want one-on-one opportunities with the presenters, there will be special sessions after lunch at 1:30. The first of the Saturday Seminars will deal with Financial Freedom and Asset Protection. Dr. Paul Collins, pastor of Church Of The Harvest, and Mr. J.L. Jones, Esquire, will be the presenters.

Church Of The Harvest will continue Saturday Free Seminars with programs on Prophecy, The Holy Spirit, Theology, and Church History.

More information is available by email or phone. The pastor's email is and his phone is 417-830-4343.


Notification From Dr. Paul Collins

I will keep you advised about very important developments with my ministry and me by using your responses to this notification as a way to follow up with information for your online use; and you will be able to access my videos on your computer cell phone and smart tv.

Yes, I will be producing at least two videos every week. Early in the week, I will have a camera follow me in my writing room as I comment on what I'm doing and my thoughts on various things coming across one of four personal computers. Later in the week, I will video my thoughts on the news of the last several days.

The programs from my writing room will be called (appropriately) "Welcome To My Writing Room."

The programs videoed in front of our fireplace will be called "Sightline."

I plan to become a major broadcaster utilizing the Internet. It is a way to reach the world from our home.

Just as (a few years ago) Nancy and I broadcast a 45 minute program every week for another ministry from their location, we will occasionally team up as husband and wife to reach the world from our home.

Finally, for this edition of "notifications," because of some folks asking, I will be re-releasing an updated version of my book "Embraced By The Spirit" and completing others that have been awaiting my attention. By organizing my time more carefully, I believe I have found a way to get the videotaping and writing accomplished for the Kingdom of God.



Holy Communion

The first century Christians (called "People of The Way") were sometimes criticized by being called cannibals.  This derogatory reference was due to Christians observing the last supper Jesus shared with his twelve disciples wherein he called the bread his body and he called the wine his blood.  In this 21st Century, some Christian traditions refer to the bread and the wine as the Eucharist.  Branson Church Of The Harvest's weekly 10:30 Sunday morning service always includes a congregational participation in the commemoration of our Lord's last supper, the broken bread, and the blessed cup.  Yes, we remember his body and his blood every Sunday morning.  We eat a tiny piece of unleavened bread and we drink grape juice from individual cups.  We remember!

Every Sunday

Church Of The Harvest celebrates Holy Communion every Sunday morning as a part of the service of worship at 10:30. It is always a very special time for those who participate. No one is excluded from this celebration of the last supper our Lord had with his disciples prior to his arrest and subsequent execution by the Roman authorities.           The leaders of the Jewish Sanhedrin (at least most of them) were seemingly in agreement with those who were the perpetrators of this mis-carriage of justice and travesty against God.

We at Church Of The Harvest, weekly remember the sacrifice Christ made for us. He suffered immensely, died bravely, spent three days in another realm whilst his body lay in a tomb, and came forth very alive and recognizable by some. In fact, he was seen by several hundred people!           As Christians, we have very strong reasons to have a means to visibly and publicly acknowledge these facts on at least a weekly basis.

Church Of The Harvest wants to give hope to the Branson area. Those who live within reasonable driving distance will experience God’s love through us when they spend one hour in the 10:30 service

Read Just Because

Reading should not be our third choice following the television and the Internet but quite often it is.

Read because it is generally true that “Readers Are Leaders.”

Read because it is generally true that “Leaders Are Readers.”

A home library is a valuable resource. No matter how effective and complete the Internet and its information may be, it has not yet equaled the value of books. The tech industry must have known that books need to be read because you can now peruse hundreds of them on a hand held device.

I do not need to write more on this subject at this time. As they say, “The proof is in the pudding.” I read that somewhere.