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I will keep you advised about very important developments with my ministry and me by using your responses to this notification as a way to follow up with information for your online use; and you will be able to access my videos on your computer cell phone and smart tv.

Yes, I will be producing at least two videos every week. Early in the week, I will have a camera follow me in my writing room as I comment on what I'm doing and my thoughts on various things coming across one of four personal computers. Later in the week, I will video my thoughts on the news of the last several days.

The programs from my writing room will be called (appropriately) "Welcome To My Writing Room."

The programs videoed in front of our fireplace will be called "Sightline."

I plan to become a major broadcaster utilizing the Internet. It is a way to reach the world from our home.

Just as (a few years ago) Nancy and I broadcast a 45 minute program every week for another ministry from their location, we will occasionally team up as husband and wife to reach the world from our home.

Finally, for this edition of "notifications," because of some folks asking, I will be re-releasing an updated version of my book "Embraced By The Spirit" and completing others that have been awaiting my attention. By organizing my time more carefully, I believe I have found a way to get the videotaping and writing accomplished for the Kingdom of God.



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