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LEARNING BY LOOKING AND LISTENING THEN LOOKING AGAIN ... is something I am promoting as pastor of Branson Church Of The Harvest. It is very obvious that the laity is very much in favor.

After many years of formal education, followed by many more years of experience, I am convinced that learning is based on research (looking) and asking God to clarify (listening) the information. Having information is one thing. Properly interpreting the information to turn it into positive knowledge is another step in the process of human achievement.

As my readers know, I am committed to education.  I am definitely called to teach and to preach. You might say I am a "Treacher." When I am preaching (delivering a sermon), I try to teach. When I am teaching, I try to include the good news of God's love for us as shown in Jesus Christ.

As a teacher, I want to show my audience that there are ways to enhance their chances to succeed in secular endeavors.   The key is to bring the sacred into the secular and the secular into the sacred. I urge my students to look at the physical world, look into the Bible, and ask God for revelation. Listening carefully will increase your opportunity to hear the voice of God.

As the old railroad crossing signs used to say, "Stop, Look, and Listen." It is a great way to learn!

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