Holy Communion

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The first century Christians (called "People of The Way") were sometimes criticized by being called cannibals.  This derogatory reference was due to Christians observing the last supper Jesus shared with his twelve disciples wherein he called the bread his body and he called the wine his blood.  In this 21st Century, some Christian traditions refer to the bread and the wine as the Eucharist.  Branson Church Of The Harvest's weekly 10:30 Sunday morning service always includes a congregational participation in the commemoration of our Lord's last supper, the broken bread, and the blessed cup.  Yes, we remember his body and his blood every Sunday morning.  We eat a tiny piece of unleavened bread and we drink grape juice from individual cups.  We remember!

Every Sunday

Church Of The Harvest celebrates Holy Communion every Sunday morning as a part of the service of worship at 10:30. It is always a very special time for those who participate. No one is excluded from this celebration of the last supper our Lord had with his disciples prior to his arrest and subsequent execution by the Roman authorities.           The leaders of the Jewish Sanhedrin (at least most of them) were seemingly in agreement with those who were the perpetrators of this mis-carriage of justice and travesty against God.

We at Church Of The Harvest, weekly remember the sacrifice Christ made for us. He suffered immensely, died bravely, spent three days in another realm whilst his body lay in a tomb, and came forth very alive and recognizable by some. In fact, he was seen by several hundred people!           As Christians, we have very strong reasons to have a means to visibly and publicly acknowledge these facts on at least a weekly basis.

Church Of The Harvest wants to give hope to the Branson area. Those who live within reasonable driving distance will experience God’s love through us when they spend one hour in the 10:30 service

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